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Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia

USP&E: O&M Expert Services

USP&E has international service teams that help clients manage the service and maintenance of their equipment. The company’s team is skilled in the use of virtually every OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) generator and switchgear control software in the marketplace. For all your queries and requests regarding Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia, you can contact us at: info@uspowerco.com.

Expert Services of Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance  Zambia

We will evaluate the operations that you carry out and the amount of power that is currently being used for those operations. After which our team will prepare our recommendations on how to move forward with your power plant operations, having had experience from a portfolio of international clients including some in Africa. This is to ensure that the best route for your services regarding Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia is the one that is taken. Whether your company is in the mining sector, corporate sector, oil and gas or government entities, your company needs to have efficient flow of power with good preventive measures taken using our expert services in Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia.

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia Services

Under Operations: We cover administration and human resources, staffing and training, freight forwarding and logistics, procurement and record keeping.

Under Maintenance: We cover Routine and preventive maintenance, spare parts control, inventory control and warehousing and fuel optimization.

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia: USP&E Operations

Our company is an expert in the daily actions of operating a power station facility. USP&E employees have the many years of experience required for them to carry out a good job of handling Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia, including overseeing and managing any size facility.

The company provides management, supervision, and labor to ensure that the plant runs efficiently for the continued operations of your business or company. USP&E will be responsible for the selection, hiring, training, and assignment of staff for the different work purposes that are needed at the plant.

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia: USP&E Maintenance and Repair

USP&E performs all inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks detailed in the scope of work to be carried out. All equipment is handled in accordance with the maintenance and repair schedule. Moreover, for proficient purposes in Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia, the company will keep track of equipment’s operating records as well as stock of all spare parts.

For more information on USP&E and all our Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia services, click here or go to: www.uspowerco.com.

Diesel Field Technicians for Africa, South America & Australia

USP&E Africa is a fast-growth power station engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm with a high-tech approach to power station service and maintenance contracts in remote parts of the world. “USP&E has literally worked all over the world and we know what it takes to manage a power station,” stated Jason Biermeier, VP of Global Development. “We bring cutting-edge web based technology to each and every power station we manage and this allows us to know and communicate in real time to our clients their fuel consumption, load characteristics, mechanical and environmental factors and critical spare parts inventory.” USP&E’s “SMARTpower: Intelligent Logistics” software is undergoing an upgrade currently and is expected to be even more instrumental in USP&E’s overall growth strategy in Africa, Asia, Australia and South America.

“We are a Dallas-based company that specializes in working with Australian mining companies with operations in Africa,” explains Will Gruver, Chief Executive of USP&E Africa. “We have clients in Asia, Africa and Australia, but a preponderance of our clients are actually headquartered in Perth, West Australia.” Though a bit unusual, this fact appears to suit Gruver and his executive leadership team quite well.

Another competitive advantage that has clients raving happy is USP&E’s proven expertise in the field of Fuel Efficiency Optimization. Utilizing a number of proprietary and recognized technologies and strategies, USP&E works with each client to upfit their power station with mass flow meters and other equipment that is thoroughly researched and designed to both maximize asset life and minimize fuel costs over the life of the equipment.

An industry leader in this field, USP&E has designed and maintained diesel generators at power stations that are saving literally millions of dollars per year in fuel costs. Given the enormous increases in fuel costs over time, leveraging USP&E’s expertise can almost completely offset the cost much of your power plant maintenance – in the savings alone.

For more information on diesel power station service and maintenance capabilities or for a list of their references in the diesel power plant Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) space, please see them online at http://www.uspowerco.com, email info@uspowerco.com.