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Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia

USP&E: O&M Expert Services

USP&E has international service teams that help clients manage the service and maintenance of their equipment. The company’s team is skilled in the use of virtually every OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) generator and switchgear control software in the marketplace. For all your queries and requests regarding Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia, you can contact us at:

Expert Services of Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance  Zambia

We will evaluate the operations that you carry out and the amount of power that is currently being used for those operations. After which our team will prepare our recommendations on how to move forward with your power plant operations, having had experience from a portfolio of international clients including some in Africa. This is to ensure that the best route for your services regarding Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia is the one that is taken. Whether your company is in the mining sector, corporate sector, oil and gas or government entities, your company needs to have efficient flow of power with good preventive measures taken using our expert services in Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia.

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia Services

Under Operations: We cover administration and human resources, staffing and training, freight forwarding and logistics, procurement and record keeping.

Under Maintenance: We cover Routine and preventive maintenance, spare parts control, inventory control and warehousing and fuel optimization.

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia: USP&E Operations

Our company is an expert in the daily actions of operating a power station facility. USP&E employees have the many years of experience required for them to carry out a good job of handling Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia, including overseeing and managing any size facility.

The company provides management, supervision, and labor to ensure that the plant runs efficiently for the continued operations of your business or company. USP&E will be responsible for the selection, hiring, training, and assignment of staff for the different work purposes that are needed at the plant.

Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia: USP&E Maintenance and Repair

USP&E performs all inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks detailed in the scope of work to be carried out. All equipment is handled in accordance with the maintenance and repair schedule. Moreover, for proficient purposes in Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia, the company will keep track of equipment’s operating records as well as stock of all spare parts.

For more information on USP&E and all our Diesel Power Plant Operations Maintenance Zambia services, click here or go to:

Prime Power Diesel Generators Available from USP&E

We classify electric power generators in one of three ways depending on their use of operation: continuous, standby, or prime power diesel generators. Continuous and prime power diesel generators are similar in that they are the leading source of power and are designed to operate around the clock and throughout extended periods of time. The greatest discrepancy between the two types of generators is that continuous gensets are designed to operate continually with a consistent load, whereas prime power diesel generators are intended to operate for long times periods at variable load. The other type of generator, known as standby and emergency generators, are only intended to run when there is an outage to the utility grid or the main source of power in a backup setting.

An example of USP&E's Prime Power Diesel Generators

An example of USP&E’s Prime Power Diesel Generators

Continuous and prime power diesel generators are usually used in remote locations such as mining and oil/gas operations, construction, shipping ports, and other places, where there is little access to the grid in order to supply electric power. These are also used when there is a limitation on the amount of electric power that can be drawn from the grid. Less frequently, it may also be less expensive to generate power through a prime power diesel generator than to buy electric power from the grid. On the contrary, the need for standby power arises when there is a temporary disruption in the primary supply of electrical power, such as when the main grid goes out as a result of a storm.

Like any other machinery running continuously for long hours, continuous or prime power diesel generators must be able to handle the intense loads given to them. Furthermore, these units should be able to properly handle friction between moving parts for longer periods of time and also sustain continuous heat from power generation. This results in prime generators costing more than generators of similar capacities used for back up or secondary support.

About USP&E and Prime Power Diesel Generators

USP&E has a vast inventory of prime power diesel generators available.  We are able to procure, ship, and commission them anywhere in the world.  Contact us today to get started on your next power generation project.  Visit for more information.

USP&E: Qualified Diesel Generator Technicians

USP&E has a diverse selection of diesel generators, natural gas generators, used Cat generators, used Cummins generators, new Baldor generators, and accessories and can ship them to you TODAY. We even have experience loading air planes with generators the same day and sending them to the far reaches of the planet for clients in urgent need. Whatever you ask, be sure of one thing: We will do whatever it takes to make sure that we deliver way more than you expect. Whether working on Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Wartsila, Rolls Royce or other power plant package, USP&E power plant superintendents and diesel generator technicians have been trained to utilize the most advanced control software on the market in order to view myriad parameters that relate to engine operation. Our diesel generator technicians monitor and adjust these engine parameters on an hour by hour basis in order to ensure peak performance and achieve our client’s operational efficiency objectives.

Diesel Generator Technician, Sierra Leone










Our Diesel Generator Technicians are Committed to Excellence

US Power & Environment’s customers enjoy lower parts, generator, fuel and labor costs, while increasing up-time, asset life, fuel efficiency, and profitability, with our reliable new and used diesel generators, power generation equipment parts, and comprehensive onsite maintenance and support services.  Our diesel generator technicians are committed to helping meet your diesel generator needs.

Today’s power stations are high-tech and highly efficient. In every single job we need problem solvers, delivering the highest-quality products. And that’s not an exaggeration. Those dirty, boring factory jobs from 50 years ago are now done by robots. The jobs of today require skill, know-how and ability.  What hasn’t changed is the feeling of having built something real. Every day, diesel generator technicians can go home proud of the work they do. Our generators bring power to oil rigs, hospitals, ships and more.  Such services are a critical component of a prosperous economy.

Contact Us Today

USP&E is the most proactive, flexible and innovative full-service wholesale dealer, installer, servicer and maintainer of fuel-efficient diesel and natural gas power plants in the World.   Email and allow us to serve you by discussing your application in detail and then preparing a quote for your review. Click here for more info.  Thank you for your interest in our diesel generator technician services.