USP&E Operation and Maintenance Field Technicians are an Organizational Strength

USP&E’s field technicians are experts in the day-to-day activities of operating a power station facility in remote areas of Africa, Central America, the Middle East and Asia among others. From ordering equipment, arranging freight and transportation, to managing all human resources issues, USP&E’s personnel have years of experience needed to oversee and manage any size facility.  This is all done online using SmartPower, a USP&E tool which allows our clients to see the day to day operational capabilities of their power plant.  USP&E’s Operation and Maintenance technicians provide management, supervision, and labor to ensure that your plant runs efficiently. USP&E will be fully responsible for the selection, hiring, training, and assignment of staff for such purposes. In fact, USP&E understands the importance of training operators to assume operation and maintenance activities and providing local nationals with the training to become full-time O&M field technicians and control room operators.

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